When contemplating the nature,  its impossible not to reflect on our warming planet and its impact to many species.


The Polar Bear is endearing in its beauty of white camouflage pelt and elegant muzzle and black nose.  And awesome  in its capacity to thrive in conditions that we would deem impossible to exist.  The polar bear is a finely tuned killing machine, where the only rule is to survive; at all costs.

Long Journey

The Polar Bear’s  perfect design for roaming the frozen ocean, the bears immense paws distributes weight perfectly. At 800 pounds, it can walk on ice so thin, a mere man would break though.

Mother + Two

After months of darkness, a mother polar bear and her cubs emerge from a den.  The air is a balmy -30 and the skies a wash of pinks, oranges and blues as the sun hovers on the horizon. Eventually, as the cubs grow strong, the mother with make her way to the ocean to find food.


A polar bear nose; a machine of incredible sensitivity – can smell a seal kilometers away.




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