Canadiana Dreaming

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Elizabeth Harris Poster_LoRES[246]

Elizabeth Harris and a few close friends; Ally Nichols, Catherine Nicholls and Curtis Beach,  explore imagery and ideology of their home and native land.



Ally Nichols is a student of Environmental Studies at the University of British Columbia. she has worked with the Nature Trust of British Columbia and more recently Ducks Unlimited. Nichols travels to many properties owned by Ducks Unlimited for site maintenance, and to assess the wetland ecosystems.

Nichols’ photographs reflect an intimacy for her subject matter: The Flora and Fauna series portray her passionate eye to that which matters most to her, and with her Urban Series emerges a quizzical observation of contrasts and contradictions.


Catherine Nicholls

Quilt- Embroidery-Mixed Media-Painting-Art Cloth-Drawing-Stitch

Catherine lives and works in Gibsons, B.C. and draws inspiration from the natural world, her travels and the people she meets along the way. Stories, legends and the history of people, place and culture are the creative raw materials for themed exhibitions worldwide.

Catherine’s work is developed through painting, drawing and collage in sketchbooks. This careful planning and exploration of ideas allows a more liberated and intuitive approach when it comes to fabric, paint and mixed media techniques.

She works on paper and fabric with discharge, dyeing, drawing, painting and printing. Textile pieces are then densely quilted either by hand or machine and often both. The traditional embellishments of buttons are a common feature, as are more innovative concepts on fabric like paint or pen and ink.

Catherine has exhibited in North America and Europe individually and as a member of SiX and is one third of thr3fold journal, “the journal of creative vision”. Amann Mettler thread sponsors Catherine’s work and various pieces tour Europe on an ongoing basis. Teaching forms part of her daily life, with workshops in locations around the world as an educator for Amann Mettler. She also offers “ local” workshops in patchwork and quilting techniques, sketchbooks and journaling, life drawing, design and other passions.


Curtis Beach is a long haul truck driver. He travels from Vancouver to Ontario weekly. Most of his life is lived from the cab of the truck on the road, away from friends and family ; only connected through cellphone and mobile internet. He is a typical rough looking, hard living working man, but his visions are sensitive, ephemeral, and poetic.

“ I have brought to you some of my visions of Canada. These are my own visions and daydreams conjured from looking into; Not at, the great scenery across this country…some altered subtly,some greatly…it was a mood..maybe a song playing in the subconscious at that moment that produced what you see here.    Thank you for considering my vision and I hope you enjoy as I know it is subjective”

Curtis Beach



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